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#1 06-14-2006 15:37:03

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Displaying Category & Subcategory Route

Quick question... I was wondering if anyone would be able to answer this for me.  When you click on a category or subcategory, the following is displayed as a heading:

Home > Category > Items

and it allows you to click on any of them, or to move back a step in order to allow retracing of browsing steps.  However, when in a subcategory it only puts the three above... example.

my site is
If I start on the splashpage, click on Rover Accessories, then click on subcactegory Rover Collars, and then click on RUFF-Rover Collars, it display's the following:

Home > RUFF-ROVER Collars > Items

Is there any way to get it to display just one more category so that it would say this?????

Home > ROVER Collars > RUFF-ROVER Collars > Items

Thanks for your help!




#2 06-20-2006 12:48:07

Registered: 05-19-2004
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Re: Displaying Category & Subcategory Route

Quick question...are you using an SEO mod that rewrites the urls?



#3 10-13-2006 12:24:48

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Re: Displaying Category & Subcategory Route

I'm also wondering about the same thing. Any answers?



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