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#1 03-31-2003 09:59:37


Gift Certificate Questions


We are talking about issuing gift certificates. Here are our considerations and we need clarification on the G/C process.

1. A gift certificate is issued for $100

2. The holder makes a purchase
   2.a. What happens if the customer order is only $50?
        2.a.1. Does the G/C reduce in value with the remainder of $50 available for use on another visit?

   2.b. What happens if the purchase exceeds the G/C value?
        2.b.1 Is the customer charged the remainder of the entire balance?

3. Shipping
   3.a. Are shipping and handling charges included in the value of the G/C?

4. Balance
   4.a. If the G/C is used up, does it automatically expire?
   4.b. If a gift certificate is not used by a certain date, does it automatically expire?

I just thought I would get your week off right with something new and unique!

Thanks in advance,


#2 04-02-2003 14:29:20


Re: Gift Certificate Questions



#3 04-02-2003 21:08:33

From: York, PA
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Re: Gift Certificate Questions

>1. A gift certificate is issued
>for $100
>2. The holder makes a purchase
>   2.a. What happens
>if the customer order is
>only $50?

The discount amount is set to $50.00 and the discount code is expired when the user completes their order.
>  2.a.1. Does the
>G/C reduce in value with
>the remainder of $50 available
>for use on another visit?

No.  See above.

>   2.b. What happens
>if the purchase exceeds the
>G/C value?

The total value of the discount is used and subtracted from the subtotal, leaving a remainder for the customer to pay.
>  2.b.1 Is the
>customer charged the remainder of
>the entire balance?

Yes, see above.

>3. Shipping
>   3.a. Are shipping
>and handling charges included in
>the value of the G/C?

No.  Shipping and handling charges are applied outside of discounts.  Taxes are calculated based on the subtotal minus the discount plus shipping charges (only if shipping charges are taxable as identified for the specific country or state/province in admin).

>4. Balance
>   4.a. If the
>G/C is used up, does
>it automatically expire?

Discount codes are expired when they are used in a completed order, regardless of whether they have been used in their entirety.

>   4.b. If a
>gift certificate is not used
>by a certain date, does
>it automatically expire?


>I just thought I would get
>your week off right with
>something new and unique!

Thanks mayne.


Nick Hendler
Webmaster, Kryptronic, Inc.

Nick Hendler



#4 10-19-2004 16:04:41

From: Vermont, USA
Registered: 08-12-2004
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Re: Gift Certificate Questions

hi nick

that was very helpful, however, i have one question.  Is it feasable to have the (gift certificate modified) sale be relative to the value of the discount, in that the discount code's value will be read and adjusted accordingly?

i mean, its knida hard to tell a customer that if they dont use their entire gift certificate, we will take away the remainding value.




#5 10-27-2004 09:50:01

From: York, PA
Registered: 04-20-2001
Posts: 19798

Re: Gift Certificate Questions

An upgrade to 5.1 will solve this.  In that version, gift certs that are based on currency amounts (not percentages) are declined if not fully used.

Nick Hendler



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