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#1 07-28-2004 11:19:51

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Ccp6 -uk?

Apologies if this is elsewhere. The forum doesn't allow searches on UK... too short!

Will CCP6 be UK complient? Or will we have to wait for an CCP6-UK version. As the majority of this is gateway orientated and ccp5.1 covers this, have I answered my own question?

I'm currently planning my online store (UK based initially) and have been impressed by feedback for the ccp5.1-uk script, and by the strong development commitment shown in the forum and site.

My timeline will cross the proposed v6 release so I'm deliberating on whether to wait. If I get ccp5.1-uk and wish to upgrade will I still have the UK bias to the script??




#2 07-28-2004 12:06:06

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Re: Ccp6 -uk?


We will be producing a UK version of 6 and hope to release it at the same time or soon after the US Version. We are currently working on more UK specific functionality for CCP6.

If you have any requests for UK features, please post them.

Please Note: As has been stated elsewhere, please do not make business decisions based on an expected release date. They are subject to change (and usually do). This is highly sophisticated software which needs to be fully coded and tested.



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