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#1 05-05-2004 15:58:28

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Improve Admin Interface

When marking orders as shipped and entering real time tracking information it is very time consuming because you have to update each shipping item on a it's own page.  I think it would be much better if all the shipping and billing information good be stored on one page for updating with a single mouse click.

Also I find the fixed width of the Admin interface wasting alot of space.  If skins could be made avaible for the admin interface also that would be very helpful. If the width could adjust to the screen size it would be much better.  That way not as much scrolling would be necessary.  It would aslo be great if the admin interface could be used to enter orders for customers with special prices.  If all aspects of the orders could be edited from the admin interface that would be helpful.  Even entering credit card information.

Thanks for considering my sugguestions.

Wayne Atwood



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