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#1 04-18-2004 22:21:16

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Summary Of Changes In Zuma

Is there anywhere we can see what changes/additions are actually going into Zuma as compared to Tiki?  The one thing I and may other people need is a more organized product listing in the admin area.  I'd like to know if that is one of the things.  I dread adding new products because it's so hard to find/update them later on. :-(



#2 04-18-2004 22:23:33

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Re: Summary Of Changes In Zuma

I am not sure if there is a comparison yet, since this is still in the early stages, but I expect that we will have something when it is time.

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#3 04-20-2004 19:41:58

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Re: Summary Of Changes In Zuma

Here is what is safe to say.  Stay tuned.  Nick has been releasing almost weekly a status update in regards to Zuma.  That status update he says what he has been working on.  Pay attention and read those posts and you will know what is new and improved in Zuma over Tiki. 

Now with that said, until the product is finished, just because he says he worked on "xyz" doesn't mean that "xyz" will make it in to the final product.  It might be a "wxyz" that gets in. wink   

According to the posts Nick has made he has mostly been devoting his time to the core base of the program.  When that is complete he will begin coding the modules.  He has said that the architecture of Zuma is going to be different.  Allowing for easy installation of modules.  He has stated that he is planning a core that can be easily upgraded via the net automatically.  There are a lot of things he has said, just pay attention to his posts.   




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