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#1 04-03-2004 14:34:07

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6.0 Suggestions

As always I'm late to the game! Sorry if these have been brought up already but here's few ideas and lots of dreams for future releases:


1) Expanded Customer Account functionality
~ Multiple Pricing Levels where item prices are set at the Product level (retail, reseller, employee, etc.). After a new Customer Account is created with the default price level, the level could be changed via Admin.
~ The ability to mark selected customer accounts as tax exempt
~ Allow customers to submit payment again for failed orders (or Need Payment status)
~ Allow customer to reorder previous/recurring orders quickly from order history
~ RMA Request for specific jobs (see RMA/Customer Service Module)
~ If jobs meet certain criteria (Not yet shipped, etc.) allow editing of order (change/correct shipping address)
~ Allow customers to pay for up-charges/new orders placed from Admin (see below)
~ Allow customer to pay for special quoted items created from Admin (see below)
~ Global Discounts from the Customer Account level (i.e. receive 10% off every item in the store)
~ The option for customers to store CC info and allow/create the ability to store multiple credit cards
~ From Admin > Customer Accounts - view all orders portal
~ A global Notes/Special Instructions field for customer account
~ Temporary account ban to make Customer Account inactive
~ Ability to assign Users (Sales reps, support techs, etc.) to Customer Accounts via Admin

2) Open/place new orders from Admin and process Credit Cards (For telephone CSR's)
~ Certain Products and/or Option Items could be made public or only available to Admin users

3) RMA/Customer Service Module
~ Allow customers to send and open support cases for current/past orders. These cases would be cross-referenced to orders.
~ An Admin incident queue with support statuses and internal/external mail notifications
~ Return requests referenced to completed orders
~ Dynamic Knowledge Base/FAQ for publishing to website customer center

4) Discount Codes
~ The ability to track code use from CCP email campaigns, PPC campaigns, referring URLs, Affiliates/Partners, etc.
~ Comprehensive Code usage reporting (see below)
~ The option to have codes discount Products and/or Options and/or Shipping
~ Admin ability to create Discount Logic (If discount code = FREESHIP1395 then discount shipping or If order amount < $100 then do not discount)
~ Optional start and end dates for codes (date expiration)

5) The ability to make Order Options taxable/non-taxable
~ Order options that change price by Flat Rate or a %

6) Custom Item/Quote module
~ Customers can send quote requests or custom items can be created via Admin. Customers are then given a unique Quote Number and can return to the site to order and pay. We have had this modification for awhile now and I'm sure many others could benefit from it.

7) Expanded and printer friendly reporting/PDF generation of reports. This reports should be customizable and offer the ability to query certain criteria.
~ All orders that equal selected Status (Need Payment, etc.)
~ Inventory Status
~ Discount Code usage
~ Conversion Tracking
~ Product List
~ Customer List
~ Tracking Numbers (for jobs shipped on a given date)

8) Easier to manage/deploy User rights to levels and Admin access
~ A matrix for Users/pages/levels/screens/functions etc.
~ Additional User fields; Name, Contact info, Dept.,
~ Ability to assign Users (Sales reps, support techs, etc.) to Customer Accounts via Admin

9) Shipping
~ Real-time Shipping rates that support multiple Ship From/distribution locations (East coast vs. West coast fulfillment centers)
~ Globally be able to turn-off Shipper email notifications
~ Emailed shipping notifications to customers with tracking numbers, ship method, etc.
~ Export to shipping applications (Worldship) and then Import of end-of-day tracking numbers, and status changes to Completed/Shipped.

~ infinite storage option for Orders, Customer Accounts, etc.
~ Electronic Check payment support for additional processors
~ The ability to add new Product table columns that get passed to the Cart
~ A way to prevent multiple clicks to the SUBMIT button after CC info has been entered
~ Highly configurable .csv Export of Tables directly from Admin (Customer list, discount codes, email list, etc.)
~ Order Form Description fields (yes, sounds crazy but would be very helpful in some instances to provide more detailed comments and/or instructions)
~ Optional Status Change email notifications. Sent to the customer and/or select CCP users each time the order status changes.


Thanks for reading!!



#2 04-03-2004 15:17:55

Registered: 07-03-2003
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Re: 6.0 Suggestions

These are the biggest requests I have ever seen. Even if I don't agree to all of them, I find some very useful. smile



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#3 04-09-2004 02:32:24

From: LA
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Re: 6.0 Suggestions

PHP is great but i think it's more insecure still, I would hold off for now. But I don't know allot about it other then every-time someone gets hacked on our servers it's from a php script and I have never seen a hacker break in from a perl script.

Also perl is complete so you don't have to change the software to suite a update like you do with php sometimes.

Good luck with the new release I'm excited to see it.




#4 04-22-2004 03:16:13

From: LA
Registered: 09-16-2003
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Re: 6.0 Suggestions

I would like to see a differant drop page for each item, maybe in the item set up oage you could add what the final redirect to page will be.

Also a customer manager with their billing information and several fields that you can customize.

I can wish can't I  :-)




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