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#1 04-08-2004 08:38:42

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You know what would be REALLY cool in the next version of CCP:

The option to use a perl templating tools like HTML::Mason.This, together with the other features which are slated to be released with 6.0, would make this absolutely the killer cart, and you would wipe the floor with the competition.

I personally prefer Mason to all other perl web development tools. And I believe anyone who has used Mason would be of the same opinion.  Some of the advantages of providing this functionality would be:

1. The documentation is already widely available (eg., O’reilly books on Mason and TemplateToolkit)
2. Huge kudos from the perl community (and I mean.. HUGE). This would lead to lots of glowing reviews and links and citations in perl literature.
3. You’d attractive a lot more professional developers.

A few others thoughts that come to mind:
- Given that CCP6.0 will run under mod_perl, it should be almost trivial to provide support for Mason. (If you need any help regarding this please let me know. I would be more than happy to help). My mind is racing with ideas on how this could be done and how cool it would be..
- use Mason to develop their site. You could mention this in the advertising literature. (see for other sites that use Mason).



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