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#1 04-01-2004 18:07:03

m j
From: Carthage, MO
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Category List Order / Grouping

I was talking with the sales manager for the web site I'm working on, and we were discussing how he would like to specify the order in which categories are displayed on the list. He also mentioned that it would be nice to have different types of categories, or what I could consider different groups of categories.

So for something like this to be possible I will probably be doing some moding to the site in order to allow for a way to customize the order in which categories appear in the list, and also a way of defining a group of different categories.

I don't know much about the sales side of things, but he was talking about having giftable categories, and product categories, where you would categorize the giftable group as what type of gift you are shopping for like for Birthdays, Weddings, Men, Women, etc... where product categories would be like Books, Music, Cloths, etc... So the purpose for the distinction is to allow one group of categorize to pick what the product is, and the other to pick what the product is for. So there is the usefulness behind the idea.

My idea was to seperate the two groups in my case by a little space in the category list. So you would have:



That way there is enough space between the two lists for users to get the distinction that they are different.

When it comes down to specifying how to order each specific category in the list, he was wanting to have the control to be able to specify exactly which category comes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc... that way he can control the order of each category in the list.

I know you could probably do that with the category reference string to control the order, but we are using that field to link with another system where I have tied the shopping cart into the company Point of Sale system, and I can't have those reference strings changing if we want to change the order of the categories in the list. It wouldn't be too much harder to have a custom field for the order.

This being said, I think there should be some options on how the category list should be ordered such as:

alphabeticly (Category Name)
alphabeticly (Category Reference String)
numericly (Total Best Selling Products in Category)
numericly (Category Reference String)
numericly (using custom field to specify order)

Perl, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, Web Usability, XML
Matt Johnson



#2 04-05-2004 08:31:16

From: UK
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Re: Category List Order / Grouping

I have to agree that this would be a useful mod. Many customers know what they want and will navigate through the categories in the traditional way.

I increasingly find there is a large group of customers that don't know what they want, but have a problem they need solving. For example, I run a pet store and have a category "Need House Training Help?".

I have a few of these which I format differently by adding the <b></b> tags to their category descriptions. It at least distinguishes these categories from the normal ones, but it would be nice if I could group these separately, rather than one long list. 

Peter Hunter



#3 04-05-2004 09:08:22

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Re: Category List Order / Grouping

This suggestion has already been thinked of but thanks for reminding. smile



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