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#1 03-03-2004 14:57:27

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Usps Webtools Tracking From Invoice Not Working?

This note is for anyone having trouble with the USPS realtime tracking link from the invoice.  If you keep getting an error like this:

check the format of the number you are sending.  Don't send it in the format they have it on the delivery confirmation slip.  Make sure there are no spaces in the number.  On the slip, it is separated like 0123 4567 8901 2345.  Make sure you enter it on the item shipping form like:  123456789012345



#2 03-04-2004 09:13:47

From: York, PA
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Re: Usps Webtools Tracking From Invoice Not Working?

Thanks for the tip.  I'm moving this to the 6.0 dev forum - I'll make sure any whitespace is stripped from the number before sent to UPS.

Nick Hendler



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