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#1 02-18-2004 17:31:17

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Partners/joint Venture System

Not sure if I should post this suggestion as a new thread or not.  If not please move it to the correct post.  Thanks.

While this is not thought out all the way (a though in progress :-)) it would be cool if 6.x could have some kind of Joint Venture/Partner system.  Okay before you go huh?  Let me explain further.

For example we are lining up Joint Ventures and some of the companies want to sell our product in seminars.  They don't want to wait for people to have to go to a computer but want the sale when everyone is hyped up from the pep talk.

It would be cool if we could provide a partner panel for entering orders that were taken.  I realize you can kinda of do this now w/the admin logins but it would be cool if you provide highly customizable limit.

Such all the following orders were entered by XYZ company.

I realize this is a rather tall order and again it isn't completely thought out.  Feel free to add your own comments.

Jeremy O

Production CCP .:. Version 6 w/QuickBuy and many in house hacks
Skills: PHP & Perl programming, Solaris & Linux server administration, Oracle OCP training and MySQL experience



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