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#1 02-17-2004 14:37:47

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Universal Languages


I have just thought of an unstated and unthinked suggestion that could even take more time for Nick to build the 6.0 than he thought. If this request could be applied, it would be, not only the best script in the world, but an  .

That's right. Not only, a chooseable skin should be available, but "also" a language selection menu that could allow each users to read their own version of text and that selection should also be applied to the checkout process and by e-mail.

This way, most of companys would not have to worry about priority languages no more (which in U.S, it's : English & Spanish and Canada is : French and English).

Meaning, this script should turn, not only like PHP Nuke, but also a possible selector for customers which could match with the admin section. Which means, when the customer orders a package, it also mentions the language in the online orders and invoices page of the admin section.

Hope you like this suggestion and I look forward to see if that's implemented. smile



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#2 02-18-2004 09:44:39

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Re: Universal Languages


Have any idea how long it would take to create all those language files? Then comes the big drawback, without the item descriptions being available in all the languages it would have the same failings as the nuke sites.

I got it!!! Scoutch, you have to create an on the fly translator. Let me know whan it's done.  smile

Joe Ohlandt
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#3 02-18-2004 23:48:45

m j
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Re: Universal Languages

I wouldn't care much if the only language that was in the system was English and or maybe one other popular language, but if it had a standard system where you could have a translator put in the different language's translation then that's all I think it would require.

If I wanted to have Spanish available on my online store and the Spanish language files weren't there yet I wouldn't have a problem hiring someone to translate and put in all the translated text. We are looking at hiring someone to translate the rest of the site into Spanish anyway, so if there was some kind of way we could just create a language set in the other language I wouldn't have a problem getting the translation done myself.

I think the main thought would be towards something that would support changing all the text from one language to another, and then let people do their own translation. I'm sure that there would be people out there willing to translate it for free, or if someone payed someone to translate it, if they'd contribute to CCP by letting other people use that language set. Before long you'd have all kinds of language sets available.

I think the main thing I would appreciate is if the support was in place, not really the translation itself.

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