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#1 02-13-2004 17:06:58

From: Atlanta, GA
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Would Like An Installment Payment Option?

Hello community,

At the request of Nick I am placing this post here:

Would you like CCP to be able to run installment plans.  For example,  Sharper Image allows you to pay $69.99 for five months.  This allows higher priced items to come into the range of more people since you can break it up.

Yes I know you can do it now with CCP using recurring billing, but hey who wants to keep track of the payments and then manually cancel the recurring billing.  Ah, no that's why we have computers, so they can compute. ;-)

For example DreamCost's DreamAccount supports the ability to charge say X amount for Y cycles and you can even set the cycle rate.  Now that might be a little more than is needed by at least having the ability say to charge $49.95 for 6 months would be interesting.

Post your thoughts a way.

Jeremy O

Production CCP .:. Version 6 w/QuickBuy and many in house hacks
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#2 02-18-2004 23:51:51

m j
From: Carthage, MO
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Re: Would Like An Installment Payment Option?

It sounds like a really nice idea. I don't currently have any place where I see the application of the feature being used right now, but if it was available it might open up new possibilities that we had never considered before.

Good Idea!

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