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#1 01-27-2004 18:22:01

From: Boulder, CO
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New Features

Hi Everyone:

Here are some things I would like to see incorporated.

1. An automatic email send internally when an order failed to process correctly.

It would help me know when fails (often) to process it and give me a chance to get back with the potential customer right away.

2. A way to easily modify the shopping cart experience so most of the info falls within the first fold of the page and so the user can see the entire process on one page (or close to it).

I find that people get apprehensive when they do not know how the sequence plays out.

If they could have the totals and shipping / billing info on one inclusive page it would make them more comfortable that they know exactly how everything comes together.

3. A better way to organize the products database and include product numbers. Some of my products have the same description and I rely on product numbers to tell them apart.

If you have a bunch of products they all are listed together in a way that is hard to identify them.

All in all I love this program.

Tim  G.



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