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#1 08-22-2003 12:21:16

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Product Display on Splash Page

I only have 4 products on my site.  I currently display them on the Splash page, but a user must click through to the product detail page before they can add to cart.  I would like to be able to add a quantity field and add to cart button for each product on the splash page.  Can I do this? How? The following url leads to my splash page for an example. … cp-app.cgi




#2 08-24-2003 00:44:44

From: Daytona Beach, FL
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Re: Product Display on Splash Page


Firsat let me say I am not very familar with CCP4, so I am not sure if this will work for you. I recently did a custom product category page for a client. And I have included the code for that page. You might be able to get what from the code I have and make it work for you. AS LONG AS THE CCP VAR/ELEMENTS HAVE NOT CHANGED. You might copy and paste this into frontpage or something similar to see what it looks like, then get the snippets of code you need from it to make your quanitiy feild and add to cart field.

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="440" align="center">
      <td width="100%" align="justify">
(CGIGET TYPE="SUB" VALUE="ste_prod_show_desc" PARAMS="(CGIVAR)product_desclong(/CGIVAR)")<br></td>
      <td width="100%" bgcolor="#666666" height="15" align="center"><b><font face="tahoma, sans-serif" color="#ffffff" size="2">(CGIGET TYPE="SUB" VALUE="ste_prod_show_desc" PARAMS="(CGIVAR)product_descshort(/CGIVAR)")</font></b></td>
      <td width="100%">
      <table border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="1" width="100%" bordercolor="#BEBEBE">
         <FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="(CGIVAR)common_url_form(/CGIVAR)">


         <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="pg" VALUE="ste_cart_add_proc">
         <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="ref" VALUE="(CGIVAR)product_id(/CGIVAR)">
         <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="cat" VALUE="(CGIVAR)category_id(/CGIVAR)">
         <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="catstr" VALUE="(CGIVAR)catstring(/CGIVAR)">
         <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="orig_pg" VALUE="(CGIVAR)fd_pg(/CGIVAR)">
          <td width="33%" align="center"><B>(CGIVAR)product_name(/CGIVAR)</B><br>
(CGIGET TYPE="SUB" VALUE="ste_prod_show_image_detail" PARAMS="(CGIVAR)product_imglg(/CGIVAR)|(CGIVAR)product_imgxlg(/CGIVAR)|(CGIVAR)product_imgxlguse(/CGIVAR)")</A><br><br>
    <font face="tahoma, sans-serif" color="#666666" size="1"><b>Item #<br>
          <td width="33%" align="center"><br>(CGIGET TYPE="SUB" VALUE="ste_prod_show_price" PARAMS="(CGIVAR)product_pricestatus(/CGIVAR)|(CGIVAR)product_regprice(/CGIVAR)|(CGIVAR)product_saleprice(/CGIVAR)|(CGIVAR)product_volprice(/CGIVAR)|(CGIVAR)product_voltext(/CGIVAR)|(CGIVAR)product_usecatdisc(/CGIVAR)|(CGIVAR)product_useinv(/CGIVAR)|(CGIVAR)product_inv(/CGIVAR)")
    <img alt src="(CGIVAR)images_path(/CGIVAR)/site/buy_more.gif" border="0" width="78" height="34"><br><br></td>
         <td width="34%" align="center">


<TD VALIGN="TOP" align="center">
<INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="quantity" SIZE="3" VALUE="1"></TD>

(CGIGET TYPE="SUB" VALUE="ste_prod_show_options")
    (CGIGET TYPE="SUB" VALUE="ste_prod_show_addtocart")</td>

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