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#1 06-06-2003 14:58:25

From: Newport Beach, California
Registered: 06-03-2003
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Trying to connec to Authorize.Net

"Edit Online Processing Settings" offers two options to setup payment processings methods using Authorize.Net. 
Option one: Authorize.Net-Use Secure Site Payment.
Option two: Authorize.Net-Use Authorize.Net payment.

The CCP4 user manual isn't very clear on the difference between these two options and would help by definning the difference.
So . . . what's the difference? Which one to use?

Also, admin entries are required for:
"Path to Secure Site Payment",
"Path to Secure Site images Directory (Full URL)"
"Online Processor URL"
"Referring URL Must contain String:

Nothing in the user manual about what should be entered here.
So . . . what should be entered here?

Trying for a month to get this going.  Please help . . . anyone? 



#2 06-09-2003 09:16:56


Re: Trying to connec to Authorize.Net

I found the connection problem by changing the settings for payment method to use "Authorize.Net  - Use Authorize.Net Payment" and can now connect to secured site.  While the test purchase seems to work, I receive one confirmation from and three confirmations from my own web site.  Why are there three instead of one?

Also, there are three optional settings in the "Payment Response Codes section of the bottom of the "Edit Online Processing Settings" form. Option #1 is set to "Accept Transaction".
The other two options, #2 and #3 are set to "Decline Transaction".  What are options #2 and #3?  The manual isn't clear on this. Should these be turned on also?   


#3 06-12-2003 10:49:56

From: York, PA
Registered: 04-20-2001
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Re: Trying to connec to Authorize.Net

Only leave #1 as an accept transaction value, the other two as declines.  As far as the emails, you probably received 1 as the customer, 1 as the site owner, and 1 as the primary order email address.

Nick Hendler
Webmaster, Kryptronic, Inc.

Nick Hendler



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