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#1 07-04-2024 22:28:11

From: Surrey, UK
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Checkout Items With Options - automatically show

Currently when in the final checkout screen the items in the cart have a link saying "Options" next to them.

When you click it, it shows the options selected with your order.

Is there a way where is always show the options selected without having to click on "Options"

I thought there may be a setting somewhere, but for the life of me I cannot find it.

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#2 07-06-2024 04:29:35

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Re: Checkout Items With Options - automatically show

We use Add ons under neath the product see: … ette-Black

Under offer type we have any other options shown as Inventory Item AddOns

Not sure if this is what you want though



#3 07-08-2024 08:09:07

From: York, PA
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Re: Checkout Items With Options - automatically show

That's done automatically to shorten the checkout screen - and this really helps with conversions believe it or not.  The option info for items is generally not needed in checkout, but some customers like to see it, so that option is there to expand it for those people while not clouding up checkout for everyone else with lots of text.

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