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#1 07-08-2024 07:57:47

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Custom Code Isolation / Modding Files - Version 9.3+

With version 9.3 we added new functionality which allows you to modify software files, but keeps those modified files separate from the files delivered by Kryptronic in order to make updating the software quick and easy.  Basically, instead of modifying files in-place, you can/should make a copy of the file, place it in a custom directory, and place your mods in your custom file.  Here's an example:

Let's say you want to modify the logic in the shopping cart display include.  That's a private file located here:


In order to correctly mod this file, first make a copy of it and put it in the {private}/custom directory.  If that directory does not exist (it is not created by default during installation), create it, then drop your modded file in there using a path matching it's original location:


When doing updates, you will be altered when and if a system file is installed and that file is newer than any matching custom/modified files you may have in your system. 

The same thing can be done for files in the {public} directory.  For example, if you wanted to modify the all.min.css file delivered with the software:


You can copy it to a public custom directory in the same fashion you do with private files, then mod away:


Adhering to this new methodology for modifying system files will speed up upgrades, and makes it easier to track custom changes.

Nick Hendler



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