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#1 04-30-2024 12:01:53

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POS Module Settings

NOTE: This post was created on 2024-04-01 on the Kryptronic eCommerce Community facebook page, which has been replaced with this forum.  All facebook support content was migrated into this forum in April 2024.


I have a question about POS module settings... I've been searching around in settings to see if there is a way that we can configure to enter an order for a quantity of an item that is out of stock for backorder purposes without the need to future date the order.  The issue with future dating is any additional items added to an order will not show a QOH amount other than "unlimited" so it's difficult to communicate to a customer over the phone what is in stock and what is backordered. The intent is to see if we can set all of our front end websites to letting the customer order only what is on hand unless the item allows for a drop ship option if out of stock etc.  At the moment we've needed to have our default site set to allow inventory oversell on every item by customers so we can do the same on the backend.  I'm hoping to allow that control only on the backend but not on the frontend of the default site and allow backend oversell capability for our other multi-sites but not frontend. Thank you 😎


I'm not sure if this might be the right setting....

Local Inventory Oversell: Status*
Select true (1) to use both Inventory Item oversell values and the Inflate Local Inventory Oversell settings to affect inventory. Select false (0) to disable this feature.

.........Except make the change in Multisites Settings Overrides.. My concern is if this affects both frontend and backend.



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