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Product Offer Sort Order

NOTE: This post was created on 2023-12-21 on the Kryptronic eCommerce Community facebook page, which has been replaced with this forum.  All facebook support content was migrated into this forum in April 2024.


I'm trying to reorder the product features slots in one multisite override but not sure how to format the path. The table name is core_selectcustom // ecom.prodsectiondisp.FEAT4 // selectorder for the setting id and the value is 1 because I want product feature slot 4 to be sorted to 1 on a particular site. I've tried to format different ways and not sure if this needs to be an SQL statement. What is the correctly formated setting id to identify this field to override the sort value from 4 to 1 on one multisite? Thank you


Your Caps Lock key is stuck on...


I thought so also but itís not. I even retyped the post in notepad and pasted it in. Itís weird but everything went to caps after facebook went from large font to smaller font when my words exceeded the space for that feature 🤔




The best way to handle this is to use different slots with products in them that are only available on a particular multisite. You can control the sort order on the product offer level (offer sort order).



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