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#1 10-21-2022 12:02:39

From: Evansville, IN
Registered: 02-26-2010
Posts: 78

Category Feature Grid is missing a column


It was brought to my attention that our Category Feature Grid is missing a column therefor throwing things off a little.

Looking at this link:
The column headers listed are Item, Qty Required and Diagram ID.  There should be a header for Price after Item but it seems to be missing.

Any help is greatly appreciated.




#2 10-24-2022 08:36:28

From: York, PA
Registered: 04-20-2001
Posts: 19798

Re: Category Feature Grid is missing a column

It looks like you have modified the files:


Assuming you just updated your software.  It's likely mods in one of those files were overwritten during the update.  Merge in your mods from a backup into the new file, and you'll be good to go.

Nick Hendler



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