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#1 10-18-2022 14:57:45

From: Central Oregon
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Manage FB & Instagram Orders

I'm looking for ideas on how to better handle the orders mentioned above.
Currently only a few dozens items on Insta and FB but it's a bit cumbersome to get them into Order Center - also, without their email I've been using an email I created just for that reason. Use same email and just update the shipping address for each order.

Pricing is also different in some cases. I've been doing the pricing update feature in POS to reflect payment.

If it's just a few orders per week I'd be cool with POS mostly. If anyone is has a better plan I'm interested in tips.
Thank you!



#2 10-20-2022 08:01:54

From: York, PA
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Re: Manage FB & Instagram Orders

Hi, Roxie.  Please contact us via our ticket system.  We've not done much in the way of connecting to FB or IG to get orders or work with products, but we do have several modules that do that for other platforms.  We may be able to work with you to provide a solution for everyone.  Please reach out using the link below:

Nick Hendler



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