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#1 07-18-2022 07:14:30

From: bedford
Registered: 04-02-2008
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Payment for multiple orders.

Hi Nick

I think I know the answer but wanted to check as it will take me a while to get right if I have to do it from scratch.

Customers can view their outstanding invoices online and they click check box against which invoices they want to pay before clicking "Pay These invoices" link.
Link go direct to sagepay for correct amount and customer pays. Very simple and works correctly.
Currently I have PROTXtrans value in the return url as an encoded comma separated list of the order numbers that have been paid.

I want ECOM_OLP.php to accept the encoded order numbers and update each order number.
Should be straight forward as I will probably just use the first order number for the main processes/checks in procgwresp() and at the end make the updates to all the orders(ordersave() and orderprocess()) .

Just wondered if there was a built in method to update multiple order numbers at the same time or if you had ever done this before.





#2 07-18-2022 08:10:01

From: York, PA
Registered: 04-20-2001
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Re: Payment for multiple orders.

There isn't a built in method, but we do have an extension module that allows admins to mark multiple orders paid with amounts specified for each order.  Please contact me via the ticket system and I'll share the relevant code with you.  In your case, I'd likely target a completely different namespace (custom) and do all the processing and order lookups, etc. using the code I share.

Nick Hendler



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