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#1 11-21-2002 01:46:29


https dns error huge problem

Here is my setup.
I have it set to email payment info.
I have it set the use ssl,

Here is what happens :

1) customer starts checking out...
2) at https page they put in their credit card number
3) when they press submit the first time they get a "page can't be displayed/dns" error
if you push refresh or back and then re submit it goes through no problem and it will go through fine everytime after that

I changed the method from post to get to see if that would help anything and the url that gets the "page can't be displayed/dns" error is the exact same as the url that works after you get the dns error once.

Obviously that is bad since it may tend to scare off customers and its bad because I have this set up for a very good customer and they aren't real happy about it.

Any help at all as to what may be causing that would be very much appreciated.




#2 11-21-2002 21:30:26

From: York, PA
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Re: https dns error huge problem

The problem has to do with using to parse form data and apache's SSL server.  In version 5 we moved to using for form input, which has completely resolved the issue.  I suggest an upgrade to version 5 to fix.


Nick Hendler
Webmaster, Kryptronic, Inc.

Nick Hendler



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