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#1 01-06-2022 07:32:24

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Low Inventory Quantity Alerts


Before asking this question I have searched through this forum and the online manual but to no avail.

In version 9.1.0 where do you enter a stock quantity that would trigger a low inventory alert / report when the on hand quantity fell below this point? I presume this would be at the inventory item level.
This report would be different to an "Out of Stock" report.

I did find how to turn on the low inventory alert Under Store / Component / Settings / Checkout, just not the quantity.
I only hold stock in one local warehouse and do not offer a drop shipping service.

Also, when serching for an answer i did find in the inventory item master two possible functions that could be of interest :-)
1) Local Inventory Level Reduction: Wholesale*
2) Local Inventory Level Reduction: eCommerce Channels*

Would 1) reduce the local quantity available shown against each product offer to just Wholesale customers?
Would 2) offer the same function to just End User customers?

Having both 1) & 2) BOTH set to true would be desirable for a few inventory offers I am planning to list.
If not is there an alternative way of achieving the same result eg by having another "warehouse" in addition to a local warehouse that does not report stock quantities to a customer visiting the online store?


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#2 01-06-2022 09:25:58

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Re: Low Inventory Quantity Alerts

Use Store / Component / Settings / Checkout to update the values for 'Low Inventory Alert Level' and 'Low Inventory Alert Status' to adjust low inventory alerts.

Under Inventory Items, the new 'Local Inventory Level Reduction: Wholesale' reduces the local inventory level by the amount entered for wholesale users.

Under Inventory Items, the new 'Local Inventory Level Reduction: eCommerce Channels' reduces the local inventory level by the amount entered for ecommerce channel extension modules like Amazon, eBay and Walmart.

Setting the 'Inventory Type' for an item to 'Local Warehouse Unlimited Stock' does not report stock quantities to customers (always says In Stock).

Nick Hendler



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