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#1 12-30-2021 10:31:34

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Minimum Order Value Message at Checkout


When the Minimum Order Value (MOV) function is turned on and the cart value is less than the MOV amount, would it be possible to change the MOV message displayed at checkout by adding say "Exc VAT" after the MOV amount is displayed?

For example...
If i set a MOV of 100 and the VAT rate is 23% then this message appears for cart values of 122.99 or less, but the message states that the MOV is 100.00 which is correct but could be confusing to a customer.

Before posting this question I searched both V9 & V8 forums to no avail.


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#2 12-31-2021 10:19:50

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Re: Minimum Order Value Message at Checkout

You can edit that message by editing the file {private}/apps/ecom/ECOM/includes/cominorder.php.  Track your change to be sure you address it when updating the software in the future (in case that file is modified during the update).

Nick Hendler



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