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#1 10-02-2002 19:29:34


Shipping Option Question

I am using CCP4 and trying to write the custom shipping script so that the customer will have three options for shipping with radio buttons. Free Shipping Within USA, Priority Mail $15, and International Shipping $29. This should apply to the entire order, not each individual item.  I'm not concerned about the international addresses - I'm leaving that up to the online buyer.  Is this easily done - has someone out there already have a script like this, or do I need an advanced perl progamer?



#2 10-03-2002 07:40:24

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Re: Shipping Option Question

It should be pretty easy to do.  Just follow the example in the canned script to get the correct form fields for the radio buttons.  If you need us to write it, email for a small quote.

Nick Hendler



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