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#1 08-04-2021 05:25:36

From: UK
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Collection of Tax Numbers

Couriers are requesting tax ID numbers for a number of different international shipping destinations (USA, India, etc.).

Could the old EU VAT number collection system be adapted so the we can collect these numbers at the time of ordering?

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#2 08-04-2021 08:07:16

From: York, PA
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Re: Collection of Tax Numbers

That functionality is in K9:

(1) Turn on the tax exemption number checkout field, use Store / Commerce / Checkout Form Fields to activate the 'Tax Exemption Number' field.

(2) Use System / Component / Settings / Tax Settings to select whether or not to validate EU/UK tax exemption numbers by updating the value for the 'Country Tax: EU/UK VAT Rules - Validate Tax Exemption Numbers' setting.

Nick Hendler



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