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#1 04-01-2021 16:28:24

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Questions about customizing UI

My company bought a company that uses ClickCartPro 8.  I have tickets to make some changes to the way the site operates, but I do not see where I would make the changes in the Admin tool.  I am hopeful that someone can help me find out how to do this, or tell me it's impossible so I can pass that back to my manager.

1. I want to add a banner image to the Shopping Cart page.  It would go in the blank space below the buttons for "Continue Shopping", "Wish List" and "Checkout".  I cannot find a way to modify the code for the page to add this image, and I am not familiar with how skins work in this tool to know if that is even the right question.

2. I want to add a drop-down selection control to the Checkout page.  I was able to do this in the Checkout Form Fields, but the control will only appear in its own section.  I want it to be in the same section as the shipping options provided by the tool.  But those options are specified in a different part of the store admin, and there is no ability to add custom fields there, just a list of options from FedEx, UPS, etc.  Also, I want to add a flag so that an option selected in the drop-down, for Will Call pickup at a warehouse, means that a shipping method does not have to be selected, otherwise a shipping method is required.  I cannot find a way to set a flag in code like that.

3. I want to add a custom field to the Contact page, but there does not appear to be any way to add custom fields.  I cannot find a Contact under the Website pages listing, it appears to be a default page provided by the software.

I sent a ticket to support asking these same things, and was directed to look at "at {public}/skins/{ActiveSkinName}", but I am not sure what that is a reference to.  Also, I was directed tot his forum.  It appears that Version 8 of this software is older, and the forum for it is locked, so I don't know if that means it's not supported.  But it's not going to be updated, so hopefully someone is familiar with its inner workings and can help me out.

Thank you.



#2 04-02-2021 10:06:40

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Re: Questions about customizing UI

CCP8 is older software which is no longer updated.  We do offer support for it, still, but encourage clients to switch to K9 as it's much, much better software all the way around.  Perhaps if you compare what you want to do in CCP8 vs K9, you'll see what I mean:

### Add banner to shopping cart page: 

CCP8: Edit the file {private}/apps/ecom/ECOM/includes/cartdisplay.php, and add your banner there.

K9: Use Store / Component / Settings / Shopping Cart and Wish List to update Shopping Cart Promo Image and Shopping Cart Promo Link settings.

### Add Will Call shipping option:

CCP8: You're going to want to change all your products (Store / Catalog / Products) so they use a custom shipping script for the Delivery Method, and create a custom shipping script using Store / Shipping / Custom Shipping Methods that has your current options plus a Will Call option.  Check forum for examples - there are ways to get realtime UPS/FedEx/USPS calcs in custom shipping scripts.

K9: Use Store / Component / Settings / Shipping Settings to configure the Local Pickup Option settings (location, trigger, etc).

### Add custom field to checkout page

CCP8 and K9: Use System / Database / Raw Database Admin to Browse the core_formfields table.  Look at the formfields that have, and based on one of those, add another.  Do not set a defaultvalue for the new formfield, and make sure and{newfieldid}.  You probably want to use type='TEXTBOX-REG'.

Nick Hendler



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