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#1 03-22-2021 11:37:14

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text field types in database


We have our own local system that stores customer and product data locally and a colleague of mine is in the process of developing methods of uploading product data directly from our local database files to the online database used by Kryptronic.

We have come across some difficulties, mainly to do with field types and some of them being of type text. For example in ecom_pricemap, regprice and whlprice  are text fields not varchar. It seems a bit over the top especially since varchar can now be the same length as a text field.

Is there any plan to change these fields and would there be an impact if they were?



#2 03-23-2021 10:17:03

From: York, PA
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Re: text field types in database

You could technically change those text fields to varchars, but be careful to ensure your varchar fields can support large amounts of text.  Both regprice and whlprice support volume based pricing, so those fields may contain well over 255 characters.  Use ALTER TABLE commands to change them, if you decide to.  K9 will work just fine.

Nick Hendler



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