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#1 12-06-2020 15:10:53

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where is pricing data kept?

Dashboard / Store / Catalog / Product Offers / Configure - All Types / Inventory Item(s)* /

Inv Item ID*
Reg Each / Vol Sch*

Looking to do a bulk edit of some prices based on ID.

UPDATE 'table' SET 'Reg Each / Vol Sch' = '29.95' WHERE id LIKE %COLOR%

What is the 'table' and the 'Reg Each / Vol Sch' ?

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#2 12-07-2020 11:31:19

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Re: where is pricing data kept?

Easy Method:  Use the Bulk Price Updater extension module.

Via SQL or CSV Download/Upload:  Access System / Database / Raw Database Admin, and take a look at the ecom_pricemap table.

Nick Hendler



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