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#1 11-17-2020 04:17:13

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jQuery 3.3.1 Reported as Vulnerable

We ran a page test on our site using and it came back with all A's apart from Security score of B.

It said jquery 3.3.1 is vulnerable and should upgrade to 3.4.0 or later (which also has issues acording to

Is that a case of simply uploading a newer version of jquery to "public_html/media/jquery" or would doing so break bits of K9?

Will it be addressed by the imminent K9 update?

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#2 11-17-2020 08:03:08

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Re: jQuery 3.3.1 Reported as Vulnerable

We will be packaging the latest jQuery with 9.0.4.  That's usually updated when a new release comes out.  Replacing jQuery in your install will *probably* work, but I'd recommend having us test it first in conjunction with the pending update.

Nick Hendler



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