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#1 11-13-2020 12:28:52

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How to process a Re-Send

Is there an easy process to resend out the same order again. In cases where the postal item has not been delivered or the item arrives damaged. I am guessing currently we would need to use the pos module to bring up the old order and then add the stock in again and discount the item down by 100% then select cheque payment to action?



#2 11-13-2020 13:25:24

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Re: How to process a Re-Send

If you're set up to bill Royal Mail for the losses/damages, K9 does support Damage Claim orders.  You just need to set up a customer account for Royal Mail and select the Damage Claim option for the account.  That would create a new order billable at retail to Royal Mail and shipped to the customer for the goods that were damaged.  The original order would be left completed and would be noted it was Damage Claimed.

Otherwise, if you can't bill Royal Mail back, it would be best to use the Order Manager for the item to process a return, but do not intake stock.  Do the return as a credit to zero the order out, but leave a credit balance for the customer.  Don't select the refund option.  Once that order is closed out, use the POS to create a new order, and use the credit to pay for it.

Nick Hendler



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