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#1 08-06-2002 19:36:37

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Questions about the software?? Can you help?

Hi Everyone:
I am new to Clickcartpro.  I haven't purchased it, I am just trying to get an idea about the software.  I am a little familiar with PHP but not Perl.  How do the two differ as far as scripting?  Is one easier than the other? Faster?  I have been testing a free open source and I do like it but I just don't feel comfortable with it because it hasn't been released as a stable version.  One question I have about PayPal. Does this software use Instant Payment Notification with PayPal? I will be selling vintage jewelry one each and the way the cart I am testing now works is once you click PayPal for the payment it takes you to PayPal but if the customer does not read and click return or continue after paying for the items they do not get removed from inventory.  Or can this cart be configured to remove the items from inventory once they click Pay with PayPal, probably like the Pay with Check or Money Order?  Also about the Login function for the customer.  Is this a problem if someone is at work and doesn't login or out and someone else comes along on the same computer and has access to their information?  I think I would prefer to have the customer register and login.  Would this be something easy to add?  Is the cart easy to customize?  Final question does the cart have a Wish List feature?  Thanks for your help and information. 



#2 08-06-2002 23:06:26

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Re: Questions about the software?? Can you help?

Whew.  One at a time...

(1) Our program is written in Perl.  PHP is a little easier to write, but nowhere near as powerful.  Talk to a PHP person and they'll probably disagree.  Both are very fast and flexible.  Knowing Perl, I can look at a PHP script and code it somewhat effectively.  I guess the inverse is true too.

(2) For PayPal, the instant notifications have not been integrated (yet).  The customer does have to click the continue button to kick off emails and inventory updates.

(3) I guess it could be configured to remove the items before they go to PayPal, but that may not be a practical solution (business wise).  The update would take place in the script.

(4) User info is stored in cookies on the user's machine.  Anyone using that machine would see the previous user's info.  No sensitive info like passwords or credit card info is stored in cookies and presented to the user, though.

(5) There is no login or wish list in the program.  We had login at one time and stripped it out because users hated it.  We saw sales double when we went to the current method.  It would be difficult to add that back in.

Nick Hendler



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