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#1 09-06-2002 20:06:46


Complete loss here...

when going to the ssl part of the order process, I keep getting that pop up that tells you some of the page contains nonsecure items. I've looked and I'm obviously missing something..but what is it that I haven't secured?



#2 09-06-2002 21:02:27


Re: Complete loss here...

Hello Nancy,
I placed an order and when it got to the secure site and the pop-up emerged I chose not to view the unsecured portions. I then went back and this time I chose to view all. It seems all the page was displayed each time. I didn't see anything different. I'm not sure what isn't encrypted.


#3 09-06-2002 22:47:20


Re: Complete loss here... didn't want that order? Anyway..I've tried the same..I don't get it either.


#4 09-07-2002 07:22:23

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Re: Complete loss here...

Take a look at these items:

<link REL="SHORTCUT ICON" href="">

<script language="JavaScript" src=""></script>

Not sure how the REL tag works - if it's actually pulling anything or not, but for certain the .js/.pl file needs to be pulled securely.  Try moving that into the images directory and call it with a %%SCRIPT_IMAGES_PATH%% macro.

Nick Hendler



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