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#1 08-09-2002 07:22:01


Account Vendor - Orders not completed

When the orders are filled out completely by the customer and processed, the messages in the emails and in the tracking say 'completed and processed', however with my products, the orders are not completed and processed as they are online accounts which have to be configured first.

The users get the impression that they can immediately begin using thier accounts because all their stuff says completed and processed.

I'd like to have all orders queued and manually go in and mark them as completed. With credit card processing, the transaction cannot be completed unless the users card is accepted. With manual processing, it should be able to go into the queue for approval and final processing. I can use either method, but need the orders to not be marked as complete!

Are there any changes or work-arounds since the last post on this topic?

Thanks in advance for anyones help.


#2 08-09-2002 07:26:57


Re: Account Vendor - Orders not completed

What I meant to say with the credit card processing is that of course the transaction is complete since it accepted the users card, however the product order itself is not processed and complete at that point. Similar to getting a message after ordering something that it has been 'shipped'.

Thanks Again!


#3 08-09-2002 15:49:54

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Re: Account Vendor - Orders not completed

CCP5 is flexible enough to handle modifying how this works through admin.  Actually, with the new version there are many different levels of status for orders.

Nick Hendler



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