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#1 03-04-2020 07:48:59

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SEO Home page issues


My SEO Support says that....

• is a duplication of the home page and needs to be removed
•        Canonical tag on the home page – The canonical tag on the home page leads to and that has a canonical, leading to … Eseo.html. The home page needs to have a canonical tag that points to itself. Otherwise it will be impossible to rank it. The splash and COREseo pages also need to be removed from the website as they are duplicates of the home page. – some information about this issue can be found here … 9066?hl=en
•        H1 tag on home page reads “Shop Home” – can this be changed to “Westfield4Schools are a Leading Supplier to Educational Linked Authorities.” Currently this is a H4 tag.
•        The H1 tags on category pages are set to hidden – these need to be shown on the page, is it possible to make these visible. – Image below.
•        Javascript and CSS files are unminified – is it possible to minify these files as it will help with the page speed optimisation.
•        Product pages don’t have any structured data mark up – could you ask the developers about adding structured data to the product – more info here … es/product


Is there any way I can get this checked, especially Structured Data and canonical home page issues. Is the Structured data Mod not working?


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#2 03-04-2020 10:37:19

From: York, PA
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Re: SEO Home page issues

- 301 redirect the URL /Store to / in your .htaccess file.

- Not sure how/why you have a namespace named 'cms.splash' but regardless, 301 redirect /cms-splash/splash.html to / in your .htaccess file.

- I'm not seeing an H1 tag on your homepage reading Shop Home.

- Put this in your skin's all.css file to always show page titles:

#ktitle, #ktitle.khidden {display: block !important;}

- You can feel free to minify any JS or CSS shipped with the program.

- The extension module SEOMicroData exposes structured markup on html, category and product pages - as well as company/contact info.  You have this running - so I'm not sure why the structured data issue is presented.  The structured data produced by this module validates to Google's spec.

Nick Hendler



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