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#1 12-30-2019 19:25:06

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Payment Method Mappings: Adding an additional payment method mapping

K9 DEV MANUAL wrote:

Payment Method Mappings: Provides management of payment methods allowing them to be mapped to different target accounts. Check to be sure all Target Accounts and Primary System Method Names are what you intend on using in QuickBooks. The default Target Accounts and Method Names are adequate for most integrations.

We've been using a marketplace payment method that is not currently integrated with K9.  We have had to enter the orders manually and have used a created processing method only visible in the management interface to record the payment portion of the order which is being held by the marketplace to be disbursed later.  In quickbooks we have the marketplace set up as a bank like Amazon payments kind of like a sweep account until the funds are disbursed to us. The mapping is currently set to "other payment type" which defaults to "undeposited funds" in quickbooks.

My question is if we can add another payment method mapping through raw database that we can map directly into our sweep account in quickbooks so we can save a step by having these virtual funds go directly to the appropriate marketplace sweep (bank) account?

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#2 12-31-2019 10:29:42

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Re: Payment Method Mappings: Adding an additional payment method mapping

You can add that under Store / Accounting / Payment Method Mappings.  Make sure you have the method set up in QuickBooks.

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