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#1 08-05-2002 08:37:10


Rollout 5

Hello everyone,

I also look forward to getting the new release, but lets take a step back for a moment. We are here because we work with this product, look forward to the upgrade and know the quality that goes into it and it's support. Throughout this forum there are no bad words for the progam or the programmers until the recent setbacks they are suffering.

I am sure they would like nothing more than to sell it to us and make us happy, but they are doing the right thing. To test every aspect of such a complicated package takes time. We have all overlooked something on our site only to think how dumb we are. I commend this company for taking the abuse they have over the delays and not giving us something equal to a Microsuck product. When it's released I'll be here and so will you. Let's all do the right thing, when it's done it's done. Give them some slack, I'm sure they learned a great lesson from this.

Joe Ohlandt
A Happy Customer


#2 08-05-2002 11:53:08


Re: Rollout 5

Joe's right!
I don't know how many of you guys have tried debugging a program like this; I've seen it take considerable more time than anyone expected. It's not like building an automobile where you've done it so many times you can give an accurate launch date, where it's done very much the same way year after year and the change over process is very predictable and repeatable. That can't be said for what these guys are doing. Programming is an ever-evolving field and the process is not very predictable. Look at some of the most prolific software companies, like Microsoft and others, and it doesn't take much to realize the poor ability of even the best to accurately predict a launch date.
I have no doubt these guys are working furiously to get their product out. I don't want to push it because I want it the best it can be.


#3 08-05-2002 12:10:00


Re: Rollout 5

I don't think anyone's trying to "push it". I agree that they're probably working day and night.

I think the main gripe is a credibility issue on the date we'll have it. If the debugging is completely unpredictable then don't predict completion date after completion date.

If you do predict or promise, then we believe you.  Some of us hold up other plans because we believe you.  We know it's not all that simple and we're more than willing to see the first 4-5 dates missed. But for the last two weeks we've been hearing "hours" and "tomorrow"....of course we make plans when we're told it's that close.


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