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#1 08-05-2002 00:13:49


CCCP 5.0 Release?


Obviously, I am not alone when I tell you how frustrated I am at the continued delays in releasing CCCP 5. More to the point, I am upset over being told repeatedly that the program will be release within hours and to have yet another deadline slips into the sunset.

With each broken promise, you are losing credibility. Please let us know a realistic launch date, let it be a month from now. At least that would allow us to make on informed decision whether we wait or make alternative plans.

Is the program about to be released or not? What is the latest date you expect the program to be available, assuming the worse case scenerio. That is what we want to hear, not pie in the sky dates which obviously have about as much value as a truck load of Enron stock certificates.


#2 08-05-2002 00:59:01

From: York, PA
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Re: CCCP 5.0 Release?

I completely understand your frustration, Tom.  I do apologize for the inexplainable delays.  Our site was just updated projecting 08/07 for the release, however I fully expect everything to be ready tomorrow.  This date will not be missed as we are incredibly close with the software. 

If you want someone to blame for the release not happening today, I'm your guy.  I was not satisfied that testing had been completed in a satisfactory manner this afternoon and ordered a full beta which will be finished at some point tomorrow.  Everything is testing out fine, once again, but I wanted to be sure before anyone else starts using the software.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Nick Hendler



#3 08-05-2002 06:27:32


Re: CCCP 5.0 Release?

I agree totally. I have another solution to my particular project. But this would have been better had it been ready. However with 40,000 snail mail going out directing customers to a web site when they can order, guess I'd better usew the other one.


#4 08-05-2002 08:24:41


Re: CCCP 5.0 Release?

I think the amount of tension that the changing of the release dates have produced is STRONG evidence of how good CCP really is and will be! :-)
It reminds me a lot of standing in a long line of folks (some who have camped out for days) to get tickets to some great concert!  At times things get petty and frustrations come out in odd ways, but most everyone stays in line and waits for the doors to open and the tensions turn into excitement.  Seldom do the doors open the exact minute they say either, however the fans wait it out because they know its gonna be one hell of a concert!

Ya know, even if you do mention any future releases by months, or even by the quarter, you will still hear (from the back seat) "are we there yet?...are we there yet?" by those that are most interested in using your product!  And if I remember correctly a firm (and usually loud) "NO!! We are not there yet.  Has the car stopped yet? Have I said we are there yet?" would come from the drivers seat and shut us up! :-)

Keep up the great work folks, much needed time off will hopefully be coming I hope!


#5 08-05-2002 08:35:21


Re: CCCP 5.0 Release?

One thing that would help me and I am sure some of the others, would be to know what the tables and fields for the products and the categories look like.  I could be formatting my data getting it ready for a dump while we are waiting for the release to happen.  Is this a possibility?


#6 08-05-2002 08:50:36

From: York, PA
Registered: 04-20-2001
Posts: 19798

Re: CCCP 5.0 Release?

You mentioned the products and categories.  Here are the config files for each.  The config files are broken up in the following manner:

config_id - > Column Name
config_column_creator -> Column Creator
config_description -> Text Description
config_varchar -> Data Length
config_not_null -> Required
config_display_type -> Administration Display Type
config_display_value -> Administration Display Value
config_default_value -> Default Value
config_disp_inlist -> Display In Listings

Anywhere in the forum you see a smily face with it's tounge sticking out, thats a ':' followed by a 'P'.

######### For the file: product.csv:
######### (products database)


product_id,SYSTEM,Product Ref/URL String,30,Y,TEXTBOX-REG,,,N

product_name,SYSTEM,Product Name,60,Y,TEXTBOX-REG,,,Y

product_number,SYSTEM,Product Number,30,Y,TEXTBOX-REG,,,N

product_pricestatus,SYSTEM,Pricing Type,4,Y,SELECT-CUSTOM,Regular Price:R|Sale Price:S|Option Based:N|Not For Sale:D,R,N

product_regprice,SYSTEM,Regular Price,10,Y,TEXTBOX-REG,,0.00,N

product_saleprice,SYSTEM,Sale Price,10,N,TEXTBOX-REG,,0.00,N

product_keywords,SYSTEM,Search Keywords,100,N,TEXTBOX-REG,,,N

product_usecatdisc,SYSTEM,Apply Category Discounts,4,Y,SELECT-CUSTOM,Yes:Y|No:N,Y,N

product_taxstateprov,SYSTEM,Apply State/Province Tax (If Applicable),4,Y,SELECT-CUSTOM,Yes:Y|No:N,Y,N

product_taxcountry,SYSTEM,Apply Country Tax (If Applicable),4,Y,SELECT-CUSTOM,Yes:Y|No:N,Y,N

product_useinv,SYSTEM,Use Declining Balance Inventory,4,Y,SELECT-CUSTOM,Yes:Y|No:N,N,N

product_inv,SYSTEM,Inventory Count,10,N,TEXTBOX-REG,,1000,Y

product_usemax,SYSTEM,Set Maximum Quantity For Purchases,4,Y,SELECT-CUSTOM,Yes:Y|No:N,N,N

product_max,SYSTEM,Maximum Quantity For Purchases,10,N,TEXTBOX-REG,,1000,N

product_imglg,SYSTEM,Product Detail Image Name,30,N,TEXTBOX-REG,,none.gif,N

product_imgsm,SYSTEM,Category Product Image Name,30,N,TEXTBOX-REG,,none.gif,N

product_lgdisp,SYSTEM,Product Detail Display Type,30,Y,SELECT-TABLE,proddisplg,ste_prdlg_default,N

product_addemtext,SYSTEM,Confirm Email Text,255,N,TEXTAREA-SMALL,,,N

product_splashdisp,SYSTEM,Display On Store Splash Page,4,Y,SELECT-CUSTOM,Yes:Y|No:N,N,N

product_new,SYSTEM,Display In New Products,4,Y,SELECT-CUSTOM,Yes:Y|No:N,N,N

product_special,SYSTEM,Display In Specials,4,Y,SELECT-CUSTOM,Yes:Y|No:N,N,N

product_bestsell,SYSTEM,Display In Best Sellers,4,Y,SELECT-CUSTOM,Yes:Y|No:N,N,N

product_descshort,SYSTEM,Short Description,255,N,TEXTAREA-SMALL,,,N

product_usedlfile,SYSTEM,Product Downloaded,4,Y,SELECT-CUSTOM,Yes:Y|No:N,N,N

product_dlfile,SYSTEM,Download File Name,30,N,TEXTBOX-REG,,,N

product_desclong,SYSTEM,Long Description,255,Y,TEXTAREA-SMALL,,,N

product_shiptype,SYSTEM,Shipping Type (Applys When Using Product Based Shipping),40,N,SELECT-CUSTOM,Realtime Calculation:R|Default Product Pricing:P|Not Shipped:N,P,N

product_shipweight,SYSTEM,Package Weight In Pounds (1 kg = 2.20 lb),10,N,TEXTBOX-REG,,0.000,N

product_shiplength,SYSTEM,Package Length In Inches (1 cm = .39 in),10,N,TEXTBOX-REG,,,N

product_shipwidth,SYSTEM,Package Width In Inches (1 cm = .39 in),10,N,TEXTBOX-REG,,,N

product_shipheight,SYSTEM,Package Height In Inches (1 cm = .39 in),10,N,TEXTBOX-REG,,,N

product_shipzip,SYSTEM,Shipper Zip/Postal Code,10,N,TEXTBOX-REG,,,N

product_shipusus,SYSTEM,Realtime Method (US Origin To US Destination),40,N,SELECT-TABLE,shiprealtime,UPS (US To US),N

product_shipusnu,SYSTEM,Realtime Method (US Origin To Non-US Destination),40,N,SELECT-TABLE,shiprealtime,UPS (US To Non-US),N

product_shiponename,SYSTEM,Default Method One Name,40,N,TEXTBOX-REG,,,N

product_shiponeprice,SYSTEM,Default Method One Price,10,N,TEXTBOX-REG,,,N

product_shiptwoname,SYSTEM,Default Method Two Name,40,N,TEXTBOX-REG,,,N

product_shiptwoprice,SYSTEM,Default Method Two Price,10,N,TEXTBOX-REG,,,N

product_shipthreename,SYSTEM,Default Method Three Name,40,N,TEXTBOX-REG,,,N

product_shipthreeprice,SYSTEM,Default Method Three Price,10,N,TEXTBOX-REG,,,N

product_shipemail,SYSTEM,Shipper Email,40,N,TEXTBOX-REG,,,N

######### For the file: category.csv:
######### (category database)


category_id,SYSTEM,Category Ref/URL String,30,Y,TEXTBOX-REG,,,N

category_name,SYSTEM,Category Name,30,Y,TEXTBOX-REG,,,Y

category_splashdisp,SYSTEM,Display On Store Splash Page,4,Y,SELECT-CUSTOM,Yes:Y|No:N,Y,N

category_imgsm,SYSTEM,Image Name,30,N,TEXTBOX-REG,,none.gif,N

category_catcount,SYSTEM,Sub Categories To Display Per Row,4,N,SELECT-CUSTOM,One:1|Two:2|Three:3|Four:4,3,N

category_catdisp,SYSTEM,Sub Category Listing Display Type,30,Y,SELECT-TABLE,catdisp,ste_cat_default,N

category_smcount,SYSTEM,Products To Display Per Row,4,N,SELECT-CUSTOM,One:1|Two:2|Three:3|Four:4,3,N

category_smdisp,SYSTEM,Product Display Type,30,Y,SELECT-TABLE,proddispsm,ste_prodsm_default,N

category_active,SYSTEM,Discount Status,10,Y,SELECT-CUSTOM,Active:Y|Inactive:N,N,Y

category_currpct,SYSTEM,Discount Currency/Percent Type,4,N,SELECT-CUSTOM,Currency:CUR|Percent:PCT,PCT,N

category_value,SYSTEM,Discount Currency/Percent Value,10,N,TEXTBOX-REG,,0.000,N

category_descsale,SYSTEM,Discount Notice,255,N,TEXTAREA-SMALL,,,N


Nick Hendler



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