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#1 04-19-2018 10:37:29

From: UK
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Subscription service email target issue


I used your built in email subscribers email widget today and it emailed all my accounts in batches and showed all the email addresses in each batch to each and every email address. Is there a way to stop this or should I just not use it?
Does ver9 do this too?
The Law is changing in the UK and Europe soon and This will definitely break the law.


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#2 04-20-2018 08:53:23

From: York, PA
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Re: Subscription service email target issue

This sounds more like a mail server issue or a configuration issue.  All of the target emails should have been blind copied.  This functionality (the ability to mass mail your subscribers) has been removed from version 9, FYI.  Using your own host server to mass mail in today's world is a sure recipe for ending up on spam blacklists.   With version 9 we have modules available that tie into Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and iContact to handle the mass mailings.

Nick Hendler



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