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#1 07-26-2002 13:45:35

From: Hamilton, NJ
Registered: 08-12-2002
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CCP5 - Limiting the quantity

Will there be a way in CCP5 to limit the quantity of an item to a certain list? I am selling samples of a product and they come in .5, 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 pound samples.  The customer will rarely, if ever, order more than one sample.  Is there a way to get rid of the quantity section and have simply a dropdown or radio button array to specify the size of the sample?

Another question, will you be able to have options as check boxes so that the user can select one or more options, but make at least one option required?  I know I can do radio buttons:
* A
* B
* A & B

but it would be nice to be able to let them check off what they want.  It would also be good because I would like to let nothing be checked by default so that they HAVE to make a decision and not go with the default.



#2 07-26-2002 17:48:45

From: York, PA
Registered: 04-20-2001
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Re: CCP5 - Limiting the quantity

Not from within the program (or at least not without a little custom coding), but there is an API for adding products via remote HTML pages or other scripts, which should work fine for this case as well as others where price and quantity are correlated.

Nick Hendler



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