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#1 12-28-2017 16:58:33

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"On Click" event for product option

I have a Product Option for Custom Engraving. The user checks the box for Custom Engraving and then enters the text in a text box which is the Option Selection Item for that Product Option. The charge for this is $5. One issue we are having is when a customer enters text in the box but doesn't select the check box for the option. One of two things needs to be able to happen:

1). The text box only appears if the check box has been checked


2). Do away with the check box and only have the text box, but here we cannot assign a price increase value.

Are there any fairly simple programming options I can take advantage of to make either of these things happen?



#2 12-29-2017 08:06:20

From: York, PA
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Re: "On Click" event for product option

No, you've run into something you'll need custom programming to handle if you are not willing to split your product up into two (engraved with a +$5 price and a text entry box, AND not engraved).

Nick Hendler



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