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#1 04-28-2017 08:08:47

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Free Shipping for Inventory Item AddOns

A group of our products usually require an add on cable or power adapter. The Optional Items add on feature looks like a good way to go.

The cables and adapters are very light so in the past we have included these with "Free shipping", more accurately no up-lift on the main item shipping charge.

At the moment, this applies to a small group of items, 5 main items and 3 cables/adapters.

By giving these items all the same custom shipping method and looking at:-

"delitems" array in $info in the custom shipping method,

I can sort out what is happening if any of the items are in the cart regardless of how they got there - which fortunately in this case is a plus - Charging shipping if only adapters/cables are present and removing the shipping charge if "Main Items" are present.

Just wondering if this is the best way to achieve the result or if there is a more straight forward method that can achieve the same.

Any thoughts much appreciated.




#2 05-01-2017 10:31:49

From: York, PA
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Re: Free Shipping for Inventory Item AddOns

The methodology you're outlining is spot on for what you want to do.  Set up as addon to your offers, adjust custom shipping script to ignore these items during rating.

Nick Hendler



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