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#1 04-24-2017 08:16:52

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Custom Shipping Methods and Vat

Our normal product pricing is set up to include Vat. and that is working fine with the cart providing correct ex and inc Vat prices

Using custom shipping methods, the calculations are all working fine and the shipping total is coming back as expected.

However, when it gets printed in the totals on the checkout page the cart returns the total and a comment "Exc Vat" then simply adds this amount to the total without including Vat.

So for example with an item cost of 120 inc 20% Vat, the cart correctly gives 100 item cost Exc Vat and a correct Vat amount of 20.

The shipping total returned is 4 as per expectation but "Exc Vat" and the cart total becomes 124 - it should be 124.80.

First thought is that there is a setting somewhere switched incorrectly - have tried looking but can't seem to find anything in tax settings or shipping settings.

Quite important to get this right - even if I could change the Exc Vat to Inc Vat on the shipping amount this would give the correct total of 124 BUT the Vat amount of 20 would now be incorrect (should be 20.67).

Any ideas on where the correct settings are.




#2 04-25-2017 08:09:39

From: York, PA
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Re: Custom Shipping Methods and Vat

First, shipping is Exc VAT.  There's no getting around this, so return your shipping total from your custom shipping script Exc VAT.

Next, check a few settings.  Look under System / Locations / Countries.  Ensure 'Shipping Tax Rate (Percentage)' is set to the proper rate for each Country in which shipping should be taxable.  Look under System / Component / Settings / Tax Settings.  Ensure:

Country Tax: Active Rules = VAT
Country Tax: European Union VAT Rules - Display Tax Summary In Orders = true
Country Tax: European Union VAT Rules - Home Country = Your home country

This will get the software operating in a proper stock setup for what you are doing.  From there the displays and calculations should work for you, and are VAT compliant.

Nick Hendler



#3 04-25-2017 09:31:14

Registered: 12-16-2008
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Re: Custom Shipping Methods and Vat

Thanks Nick,

The Shipping Tax Rate was not set so all good now.

Returning the Exc Vat tax total from the shipping scripts is no problem. I believe for correct invoices everything is supposed to be shown Exc Vat with the Vat added to the total at the end. As that is what is now happening the finance person is now a happy bunny smile



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