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#1 02-21-2017 13:21:10

Registered: 07-21-2003
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Sort order for Configure-All Types Price map displays

It would be most helpful to add the sortorder field from ecom_pricemap to the pricemap displays.  Still default them (as it appears the system assigns a value) but give us the ability to change it.  We're finding we do a lot of cut/paste to bump down entries in the list to insert one in the middle.  Time consuming make work.

Laurie Stephens



#2 02-22-2017 08:37:40

From: York, PA
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Re: Sort order for Configure-All Types Price map displays

Thanks for the suggestion.  This one sounds a little simpler than it is because of the way the form data is processed and added (in order sent).  Works well on additions.  I can see your point for updates.

Nick Hendler



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