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#1 02-10-2017 04:41:26

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How to Remove Not For Sale Items from Category Displays

How can we automatically remove products with offertype set to NOTFORSALE from category displays as there is no point having them there if they cannot buy them?

We can still keep the product pages live and have the breadcrumbs (which are great btw) driving people to alternative products.

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#2 02-10-2017 09:21:41

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Re: How to Remove Not For Sale Items from Category Displays

Execute this SQL in System / Database / Raw DB Admin:


UPDATE ecom_prod SET xcat='' WHERE offertype='NOTFORSALE'

That removes it from all category displays by removing the related categories from those offers.  The key is to keep a good category designation in there for the 'catparent' column so that you still get the breadcrumbs you desire.

Nick Hendler



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