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#1 02-07-2017 07:18:07

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How to Add New Shipper to Order Center

We want to add our own custom shippers to K9 like we did in CCP8 (see posts at

I assume most of the instructions there still stand so I have added the necessary tracking number fields to the ecom_orders table  but how do I get them to appear under the Quick Ship Options for Selected Items in the Order Center?




#2 02-07-2017 09:23:26

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Re: How to Add New Shipper to Order Center

This is way more complicated in K9 vs V8 due to the extensive management functionality added in K9 in regard to shipping orders.  None of those V8 instructions apply.  The tracking numbers are stored now in the ecom_orderitems table using the columns tracknumtype and tracknums.  If I were to do this mod, I would likely:

(1) Not add new columns to the database to support new shippers.  Instead I would use tracknumtype=OTHER and use a format like 'Shipper: TrackNum' when entering the tracking number.

(2) Let the displays (order summaries, printable invoices, mails, etc.) format the tracking number displays as OTHER without mods.  If you enter your data in the format above, it will look right.

Otherwise you're going to want to grep the filesystem for the tracking fields (tracknumtype, tracknums)

Nick Hendler



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