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#1 02-05-2017 15:54:57

Registered: 07-21-2003
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accounting system export

Is there functionality to export orders to accounting systems or csv files?  I cannot find anything on the menus that triggers an export.

Laurie Stephens



#2 02-06-2017 07:57:38

From: York, PA
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Re: accounting system export

OPTION 1: We have a module available which will connect to QuickBooks using the Web Connector for a full blown accounting integration.

OPTION 2: We have a module for THUB which connects to QuickBooks that does about half of what the QuickBooks Web Connector module does.

OPTION 3: There is a Sage Accounting Export currently under development, will be done within a week, I believe, which does a really basic order CSV export. 

OPTION 4: You can dump any order data you like to CSV using Raw DB Admin.

OPTION 5: Contact the custom shop with your exact needs and we can build an export for you.

Coming Soon: QuickBooks Online Connector based on QuickBooks Web Connector

Nick Hendler



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