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#1 09-19-2016 09:56:37

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orders are set to 0 by the shopping cart


we are using Europacart since many years for purchasing CDs and Downloads without problems. Our current version is 8.
Since a few weeks it happens that from time to time a customer invoice is set to 0 and if the customer has bought Downloads he/she has nothing to pay and gets the email with the valid download link. Today is the first time that it happened with a CD order.
The customers did not have or use a discount code. It is a normal order where the price for the different items is set to 0 and the only payment option is PayPal. Actually there is no price listed at the single items on the invoice and the Order Total is 0.
I made several tests but cannot find any hint where there could be something wrong in the system. I am always redirected to PayPal and would have to pay.
Does anybody have an idea what the reason for this could be?

Is there a possibility to login to our shop as a specific customer - with the credentials of a customer - to see what happens when he/she purchases?



#2 09-22-2016 15:45:14

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Re: orders are set to 0 by the shopping cart

When checking out with a zero balance order, the order is completed without asking for payment.  That's desired behavior.

Nick Hendler



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