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#1 06-20-2016 09:03:54

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Shipping to multiple locations often cause customers to leave cart

This is one of the reasons I am getting phone calls from customers.   They can't figure out how to ship an item to multiple locations using the shopping cart.  They will frequently say they want to purchase three of a particular item and they want to ship each of those items to three different locations.   They enter the quantity 3 on the item in the shopping cart and then can't figure out how to send each of those three items to different locations at check out time.   They don't know during the product selection process that those items must be entered into the shopping cart three times so at checkout time, they can assign a shipping address to each item.
I think this problem could be cleared up if a message was displayed prominently on the product selection screens that if they want to ship 2 or more products to 2 or more locations, they need to enter a product with it's quantity into the shopping cart for each location.   That way at checkout time, the customer can assign a different shipping address to products going to different locations.

The grouping of products to different shipping locations is supported nicely at checkout time, but customers need to be guided through the process at product selection time so everything is set up properly at checkout time.  If we could display instructions in a prominent location on the product selection screens,  the customer would be guided so they wouldn't have to give up and leave the cart or call me to take their order over the phone.



#2 06-21-2016 11:07:07

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Re: Shipping to multiple locations often cause customers to leave cart

You can add such descriptive text to your product descriptions, or to do it for all items, add it to your product detail displays (under store / store displays).

Nick Hendler



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